Following their restoration, Preservation Virginia will keep the final remaining robe of the 4th Chief Justice in a contained exhibit that will first be featured in the John Marshall House in Richmond, Virginia. The robe has been deteriorating for centuries, and with the money raised by the Save the Robe Campaign, they are in the process of saving it.

The plan for the John Marshall House is to create educational programming for the robe and the impact John Marshall had on the attire of the court. After its period at the John Marshall House, the robes will be transferred to an exhibit at the Virginia Cultural History Museum, where they will be interviewing each living Justice of the Court about what their robe means to them to create a comprehensive exhibit.

As this robe is undergoing restoration, after its complete it will be kept inside a, “climate controlled specially constructed
archival case that both supports the garment and allows for selective access.” Their hope is also to create a pattern for reproductions so that re-enactors and visitors may be able wear the robes for programming and events.

Frequently, Museum artifacts are required to be kept in specially designed archival cases, but for the John Marshall House, this will be a first. They do not currently have any climate controlled cases on the premises, and have fundraised to be able to afford the expense.